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 Heide Park - Luneburg Heath
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Hodenhagens Attractions

Discover a wide range of exciting activities for all ages

Michel & Friends Hotel Lüneburger Heide is located in the scenic heart of the Aller River Valley. Discover the natural wonders of four of the region's most popular parks, all in the vicinity of the hotel: the Weltvogelpark Bird Park, Serengeti Safari Park, Heide Park Resort in Soltau and the Verden Magic Park. History buffs can follow the scenic route through historic cities such as Celle and Lüneburg, where you can find such monuments as the Hermann Löns memorial and the ancient Sieben Steinhäuser gravesite. The characteristic, pastoral heath landscapes of Undeloh, Schneverdingen and the Wilseder Berg (the highest peak in the area) imbue the landscape with unique rustic charm. Culture, fun, relaxation and much more make this picturesque region an ideal holiday destination.
Then, after an eventful day of sightseeing, our sauna and heated indoor pool provide the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Activities and Highlights

Even if it rains...

Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen

The safari adventure in the middle of Europe

In the heart of Lower Saxony, on the outskirts of the Lüneburg Heath, is Europe's largest and unique safari park. Our recognized as Zoologischer Garten park offers more than 1,500 free-roaming wild animals close to nature home.
And our particular focus on breeding and species conservation of many endangered animal species. In the numerous large and navigable landscape plants you can feel a part of nature and consciously experience the coexistence of humans and animals. In the petting zoo and the jungle safari, about 200 monkeys live in, you can partially close encounter animals. The Serengeti-Park is an experience between National Park and Zoo. The amusement park with many rides and amazing show program offers you an action-packed adventure! Europe's largest safari jeep trail, our Jungle Safari Tour, the Aqua Safari with airboats since 2015 and the new, specially crafted for the Serengeti-Park "Black Mamba" -Jetboats are real highlights. That's too much for one day? No problem, just beating your camp in the park and spend the night among the animals at one of our Masai Mara or safari lodges, or spend the night in your motorhome on one of the plots in the Masai Mara conditioning. We are pleased to offer you a unique destination and wish you an exciting adventure on your personal safari through the Serengeti!

Offers for children


Play, romp and painting. All this can make your children in our new children's area. So the children have fun and parents can relax a little.

The slide whizzing down or fly with the swing through the air - on the playground in the garden waiting for a lot of fun. Build sand castles in the sandbox, rockers or simply relax on the Hollywood swing times.

Play area in the restaurant
Ever sit with their parents at the table but is really boring. We offer your children a play area in our restaurant, so the little ones play in and you can enjoy in peace your food.

Petting zoo
Our 7 rabbits can be fed by the children, may be petted and cared for.

The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

The largest continuous heathland in Central Europe

In Germany there are 100 particularly valuable cultural landscapes that are protected as nature reserves. Keep all and develop something unique and want to inspire and raise awareness. The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park was established as the first nature park in Germany and is today one of the largest and most famous of its kind. It has an area of over 107,000 hectares and includes the largest continuous heathland in Central Europe. These lie in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve to the Wilseder Berg, the heart of the Park. But Moore, ancient forests, heath streams, rivers and lively communities with old farm buildings and thatched cottages are of protection and experiencing values components of this unique cultural landscape.

The cultural landscape of the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve has been created over centuries by the influence of man and today provides a habitat for many rare plant and animal species.

The Heide Park

Northern Germany's largest amusement park and short-travel adventure

The Heide Park offers countless ways to spend a fun-filled day with the whole family - in the midst of a 850,000 square meters of parkland in the Lüneburg Heath. Free for thrills willingness, desire and age selects each visitor from northern Germany's biggest Theme Park and short travel adventures even his individual experience from more than 50 attractions and shows. The more than 40 rides offer extraordinary adventures and challenges of calm and pleasant to fast and breathtaking. For example, with Europe's fastest and highest wooden roller coaster Colossos or flight Slayer, Germany's only wing coaster, the brave from ten years to eight maneuvers and seven obstacles robs any orientation.

Welt Vogel Park Walsrode

A day in paradise experience!

More than 4,000 birds from 650 different species housed in the world Walsrode Bird Park in a 24-hectare adventure and parkland. He is the world's largest bird park and one of the ten most varied zoos in the world. He is not only a paradise for animal lovers and garden enthusiasts, but also attracts international ornithologist.
Our experience paradise is now at least since the new concept of the most popular attractions in northern Germany. The Weltvogelpark united by the many species of birds as well as the scale loving parkland the world of birds with a beautiful backdrop. The Weltvogelpark is like almost every zoo in the conservation and research of the animals. Here, our Park has specialized in the feathered residents and was able to earn through his good work has an excellent reputation in the world of ornithology. Stop by to experience one of the most popular and successful in his field Amusement Parks in Germany.

Magic Park Verden

Germany's only amusement park of fairy tales and magic

Visit the Verden Magic Park and immerse yourself in a world of magic. It wait a fairytale forest, the petting zoo, the new children's magic show "Magic Time" and exciting rides for you: from the roller coaster to the raft trip to the dinosaur island and from the vintage train to the Fitness trail - here is something for everyone. You also should not miss the show "Mystery of Magic", in the Ben Jayman displays stunning grand illusions, no way. For refreshing drinks and snacks is also provided in Verden Magic Park.

Great attractions:
Flume, family coaster, Magic Rockin Tug, swing boat, Magic Tower, Magic shows, magic and magic performances. Some innovations are waiting for you such. As the redesigned playground in the form of a fairytale castle with many slides and an additional trampoline. Of course, the famous and popular attractions such as chain flyer, Trek ride in the cottage garden, Magic Monorail, Fun Golf, Mine Train, Trains, boats, water playground, vintage train, trampolines, Fitness trail, barbecue and much more.

Mini-Golf by the Lake

An enjoyable way to spend the day

We invite you to enjoy fun and excitement for the whole family at our lakeside mini-golf course, which includes plenty of spots to sit and rest during a long, leisurely game.
Our mini-golf course is also available outside regular opening hours (by prior arrangement) for children's birthdays, parties and more.

Opening Hours
Tuesday-Thursday: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Friday-Sunday: 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

During School Holidays
Tuesday-Thursday: 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Friday-Sunday: 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The mini golf course and kiosk are closed on rainy days.

Activities and Highlights

Even if it rains...